If you want a healthy older dog, you need to build optimum health from the beginning of their life! There are no magic fixes for us from a lifetime of bad choices and lifestyles, and the same applies to dogs.

A dog is amazingly adaptable and loyal and will happily live the life you provide, but it is up to you to do your best for them.

Let's maintain their health by providing peak nutrition via herbal support and whole foods, and provide emotional and mental stimulation with games and regular exercise.



Arthritis in dogs almost always means osteoarthritis, which are structural changes to the bones involving degeneration, physical breakdown of joints or spurs or other physical changes to the bones themselves. Sometimes we say that this is because they have worn their structure out from too much hard work, but there can be other factors at play.

Osteoarthritis naturopathically is seen as a reflection of either a breakdown of the metabolism of minerals or an imbalance of minerals in the diet. Often too much Calcium or too little is the real problem.

Popular knowledge has led us to believe that we need calcium to grow healthy bones. The whole dairy industry has been built around this idea, ignoring the fact that bones are made from calcium, magnesium, silica and a range of other minerals that are all in balance with one another. Anything that creates an imbalance, like too much milk which is very high in calcium and very low in other minerals, or even a calcium supplement given with the right intent, can create an imbalance if there is not enough Silica in the diet.

From the metabolic point of view, a highly acid constitution will tend to leach Calcium from the body. This acid metabolism is much more likely to come about from processed carbohydrates being present in a dog's diet, rather than from a natural meat, bones and vegetable diet.

Don't give your dog bread scraps or sugar.

Cereal meals made with ground millet and linseed contain all the minerals required to build, heal, and assist with the health of all bone and ligament tissue. These grains together are rather higher in silica than required for bone growth, resulting in the extra silica seeking out and redissolving excess calcium deposits in the skeleton of your elder dog.

The other form of stiffness and soreness often called arthritis is more like rheumatism. Rheumatic changes to the body are all about the autoimmune system breaking down and causing the fluid in the joints to irritate the joint capsule. This reaction causes pain and inflammation, and eventually, breakdown. However, there can be other reasons present as to why a joint that worked freely before now doesn’t. Kidney function and efficiency can have a significant impact. Kidneys maintain control of blood acidity and other chemistry, and if brought back to full health through tonics to assist in the removal of toxins as well as immunity-boosting attributes, there could be a positive change in the rheumatic process.

In a dog, a rheumatic type of problem is stiffness which is usually worse in cold weather. In the early stages, this pain and stiffness will move from one joint to another for no reason. These odd sore spots and pain will “go away” when the dog warms up to work, with the pain often being less after exercise. In an arthritic problem mostly, the opposite is the case – with the more work, the more pain.



Forever Young

Prancing Pooch



Incontinence can be a problem in an older bitch, particularly if she has been spayed. However, it is possible to slow down and halt the deterioration, especially if you act early. Herbs to help maintain normal hormone levels will act very quickly to normalise hormone levels responsible for bladder control.

As with most other health issues, problems can develop and change daily. Often, the progression of these changes is gradual, and it is only when it reaches a particular point that symptoms become noticeable.  

In the case of age-related bladder incontinence, the small circular muscle (sphincter) at the mouth of the bladder weakens progressively over a fairly long period. Small signs begin to become present such as leakage when barking or excited as it puts that little extra bit of pressure on the sphincter. Progressively as the sphincter becomes weaker, the leakage becomes more and more of a problem.

However, the small circular muscle can be toned up, even after the progressive weakening. There is a particular variety of Couch Grass, which works in the body to halt and reverse the weakening of sphincter muscles wherever they are found. Regular exposure to this herb along with saw Palmetto will usually show results very quickly, aiding the body with strengthening the muscles.

Incontinence formula

Incontinence (Spay)


Eye Health

As dogs age, the condition of their eyes deteriorates. Glaucoma, ulcers and cataracts are quite common occurrences as our companions get on in years. Even though sight doesn't affect dogs as much as loosing other senses such as smell, it is important to ensure your dog's eyes are cared for to remove any accidents (such as running into walls!). 

The combination of herbs Rue, Golden Seal and Celendine, in conjunction with Rescue Remedy, can assist the overall health of a dog’s eyes, and aid with numerous optical conditions including damage and wounds, infections, irritations, early cataracts and psoriasis.

The combination of herbs and Rescue Remedy provide a high Vitamin A source which is an antiseptic and a tonic for circulation within the eye tissue itself. It is incredibly safe and easy to use on both animals and humans.

The combination is incredibly safe and easy to use for both animals and humans, with the only caution being that the 1:1 extract strength mix is very strong and must never be used without diluting it down to a strength of about 3 drops in 20 ml of water.

The best way to administer the diluted eyewash is to put it in a small plastic squeeze bottle and dribble a little in the eye, ensuring that it is around room temperature. Your dog will “blink” the solution around. Repeat several times if necessary. The solution should be given twice a day for an active infection, and once a day when the issue is under control.

It is not a bad idea at all to use the eye mix as part of your monthly preventative maintenance routine for a couple of days.

A small bottle of eye mix will keep indefinitely and last the average family several years.


The deterioration of dog's hearing and sight doesn’t affect them as much as it would other species as they depend on their sense of smell which doesn’t seem to change drastically at all. Profound deafness can still be a safety issue around cars or other environmental risks, but their sense of vibration can usually assist them.

Even though there are no herbal remedies that can assist with hearing loss, there are other steps you can take to assist the overall health of your dog’s ears. Checking that your dog’s ear canals are free and clear and there are no fungal problems, can help reduce excessive wax buildup and prevent future irritation. 

There could be a fungal infestation present if there is a constant buildup of wax in the external ear canal. Mixing up 1:10 of Vinegar and Alcohol and syringed into the ear can aid in controlling the infestation. Once the mix is carried into the ear canal, the alcohol starts to evaporate, and a nice film of acetic acid crystals is deposited from the Vinegar. Fungal infestations hate Vinegar and respond by becoming dormant whilst the vinegar is present.  

While the fungus is dormant, it doesn’t irritate the canal, which in turn, can settle down and stop producing excessive wax. The eardrops should be reapplied until the fungus ceases to be a problem, especially after your dog goes for a swim or has a bath.

Heart problems

Heart problems will first present in an older dog through symptoms such as being short of breath, showing reduced energy, coughing at night as a way to deal with fluid buildup, and having a “pot belly” – which shows fluid accumulation gravitating to the lowest point.  Diuretic herbs, such as celery and Juniper, can be kinder and a more natural approach than the sort of diuretics prescribed by orthodox medicine

Often we don’t take action in regard to heart concerns in our animals as quickly as we should due to symptoms not being present until conditions are in advanced stages. Providing heart tonic herbs as they age can assist heart problems before they develop into something serious.

Motherwort and Hawthorn are two key herbs that we use in formulation. This combination was used traditionally to maintain the strength and regularity of the electrical signals in the heart to produce a clear and strong heartbeat. The combination also nourishes the muscular tissue of the heart, helping to slow down deterioration. It is still best to have your dog’s heart condition confirmed by a Vet before utilising herbal remedies.

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