Lymphoma C Program

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Our Lymphoma C Program for dogs contains 4 products to use together;


Lymphoma C Support 100ml
Infect-A-Clear 100ml
Maritime Pine Bark 100ml
Colloidal Silver 200ml


Lymphoma C Support 200ml
Infect-A-Clear 200ml
Maritime Pine Bark 200ml
Colloidal Silver 500ml

Our lymphoma Program for dogs contains four products to use concurrently. The Lymphoma Support Program has the potential to slow the growth of the cancer and boost overall health. In addition, they can assist in healing localised irritation and inflammation which may have resulted from the cancer. The aim is to restore the proper function to the body, usually through altering metabolism by improving the tissues' ability to metabolise nutrients and eliminate wastes. Many of these herbs act through the kidneys, liver, lungs, bowels, or skin to eliminate wastes. McDowell’s Herbal Lymphoma Support Program can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines or with orthodox medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

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