Sarcoids Program

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A sarcoid is a growth on the skin which is thought to be caused by a virus. It grows most often on the inner thighs but may occur on any other part of the body. Sarcoids are the most common skin tumour in horses and ponies.

A sarcoid can be seen as an attempt by the immune system to package up and get rid of impurities within the blood or the waste products following a clash with an infection of some sort.

This program is used to reduce and eliminate the growth and nourish and condition the skin. The herbs included in this mixture are aimed at resolving the problem and facilitating the expulsion of the offending matter.

Our Sarcoids program consists of 4 powerful products that increase the effectiveness;

Sarc-Void Internal 200ml

Sarc-Void Topical 200ml

Sacr-Void Ointment 200gm

Colloidal Silver 5 litres

The addition of our blood cleanser is suggested for the really stubborn cases, but we have good results with most cases with these four products used together. 

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