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62 Corporation Avenue Bathurst, NSW Australia.

People nowadays are often seeking an alternative solution to the health of themselves and their families, and this extends to the wellbeing of their pets. Herbal medicine is now regarded as a real and credible alternative to allopathic treatments and McDowells has been at the forefront of this growing trend for the last 30 years...

The last 20 years has seen major developments in herbal medicine as an accepted course of treatment for many chronic ailments in people, especially when mainstream medicine offers no relief. McDowells Herbal supports hundreds of people, horses, dogs and cats (as well as the odd elephant, camel and llama!) around the world each day.

Back in 1987, Robert McDowell, founder of McDowells Herbal, first started healing horses with herbal treatments. He began a revolution in successfully treating horses throughout Australia and earned an exceptional name in the herbal and alternative medicine industry. He quickly developed the business to include humans, dogs and cats.

With his first published book 'Herbal Horse Keeping', Robert had established himself as an authority on treating many conditions using simple and practical approach to natural health and wellbeing.

Since Roberts’s retirement in 2006, Catherine McDowell (Cox) has maintained the ongoing dispensing of their herbal treatment programs as well as pioneering the development of new formulations and prescriptions for modern conditions.

In 2017 David Mansfield joined the McDowells team to oversee manufacturing and business development with a focus on implementing a best practice quality assurance system.

Ongoing training and development within the practice is allowing us to find a new direction of integrating the time honoured classical herbal medicine with a more modern approach, as our patients are increasingly becoming spread across Australia and around the world.

Our e-commerce site, launched in 2017, is helping to make the client and practitioner experience as seamless as a traditional face-to-face consultation.

We are dedicated to supporting Veterinarians and other holistic animal practitioners who wish to stock our equine and canine products for the benefit of their clients.

The testimonies of many of our clients show the care and consideration that is given to each case. Our success stories highlight the reliability of the many treatment programs and demonstrate the efficacy of herbal preparations in genuine and often difficult cases.

We currently have over 1500 human programs, and over 500 animal treatment programs!

At McDowells we only sell products which we would be happy to use on ourselves or our own animals. We only stock products which meet our rigorous standards based on ethical sourcing of ingredients, natural and chemical-free ingredients, a commitment to low environmental impact and sustainability, cruelty free, safe to use and demonstrated efficacy.

McDowells is the trusted name in herbal medicine for over 30 years!