Urological Syndrome Program-Cat


Our Urological Syndrome Program contains two mixes:

Urological Syndrome FUS 50ml

Conditioning Mix 50ml

Feline Urological Syndrome/FLUTD FUS, cystitis) is an irritation of the bladder and/or urethra. In some cases cats can also develop stones or crystals in these areas. Male cats are more likely than females to develop crystals in the urethra, and if the crystals are numerous enough or large enough the urethra may be blocked, preventing the cat from urinating. If a complete blockage occurs kidney failure and death can result within a couple of days.

The disease increases urination, with the cat only being able to pass small amounts of urine at a time. Infection and the presence of stones or crystals can make urination painful, so the cat may cry or show symptoms of discomfort or pain. The urine may also be bloody. Cats may also "miss" the litter box, or intentionally urinate in other places due to the discomfort and irritation. Changing the diet to a more natural cat diet may assist cats with FUS. If a cat is diagnosed with cystitis the culprit is usually stress, its diet, and/or not getting enough water.

The mineral magnesium is often considered to be one of the leading causes behind the disease, so a cat food low in magnesium is considered by many to be the best preventative measure, combined with constant access to clean fresh water. Obese cats are more likely to get FUS, so keep your cat at a healthy weight. The FUS support mix will act to support the health of the Urinary tract system, reduce the formation of crystals, address infection & balance the pH of the urine. The kidneys and liver are also supported.

The Conditioning Mix is a complex herbal mixture and is a primary rehabilitation tonic for cats suffering critical metabolic stress resulting from over-medication, digestive problems, liver damage, poisoning, severe trauma, major illness or surgery. Damage to the liver can have many different causes and effects since the liver plays a role in most metabolic processes in the body.


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