Botanical name: Curcuma longa

Turmeric was first utilised approximately 4,000 years ago in India's Vedic culture, when it was both a culinary spice and a holy herb. It most likely made its way to China by the year 700, East Africa by the year 800, West Africa by the year 1200, and Jamaica in the eighteenth century.

Marco Polo wrote about this spice in 1280, astonished by a vegetable with properties so close to saffron. Turmeric has a long history of medicinal use in South Asia, according to Ayurvedic and Unani traditions, as well as Sanskrit medical treatises.

The key component of turmeric is called curcumin, and it has potent biological effects. Turmeric is suggested by the traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda therapy for a number of ailments. They consist of inflammation and persistent pain.


Animals: McDowells animal products are not intended to replace veterinary care or medication. Our supplements are offered as support for your animal’s condition and not as a cure. All our oral supplements are to be consumed voluntarily by your animal in feed, treats or liquid.

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Curcuma longa Rhizome Ground 7% Curcumin
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