Masticatory Muscle Myositis Progam

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Our masticatory muscle myositis program for dogs contains 3 products to be used in conjunction with each other;

Please see individual product listings for ingredients and usage.

Masticatory Muscle Myositis Mix 

Conditioning Mix 

Maritime Pine Bark 

Formulated with herbs traditionally used to nourish and maintain healthy  adrenals and tissues. Used in partnership with other formulations for dogs living with Autoimmune conditions

This is one of the most rewarding combinations of formulas  we can offer to our clients - the MMM  program for canine myositis patients. Clients from all over the world reach out to us to find a long-term support for their dogs suffering from myositis. 

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Animals: McDowells animal products are not intended to replace veterinary care or medication. Our supplements are offered as support for your animal’s condition and not as a cure. All our oral supplements are to be consumed voluntarily by your animal in feed, treats or liquid.

Humans: McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose your disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

See what our Vet has to say about MMM

"This is one of the most rewarding treatments we can offer to our clients- the MMM treatment program for canine myositis patients. Clients from all over the world reach out to us to find a long-term solution for their dogs suffering from myositis. We treat many myositis cases with patients in various disease stages, some of them in severe pain and unable to eat. Steroids provide temporary relief and are the first choice treatment of veterinary surgeons. Our treatment program is an effective alternative to the conventional long-term steroid treatment. It can be used alongside the initial steroid treatment and can achieve complete healing from the disease over time. Read more What is Myositis? Myositis is classed as an auto-immune disease. The own immune system attacks muscle fibres leading to severe inflammation, muscle wastage and the formation of scar tissue. Quite often, the masticatory muscles, the muscles used for chewing, are affected and the patients are unable to open their mouth to eat. It is a very serious condition that needs immediate treatment. What is causing myositis? Anything that has the ability to influence and confuse the immune system can play a role in the disease. This can include vaccines, toxins (food and environmental), viral and bacterial infections. We also strongly believe that commercial dog food plays a role in the development of the disease. Commercial dog food has a lack of nutrients necessary for a healthy and well functioning body. Additionally, substances in commercial dog foods like gluten have the ability to disrupt the absorption process in the intestines leading to local inflammation, triggering an immune response. This is why a raw, fresh food diet is an essential part of our treatment program. Our treatment approach The McDowells Herbal approach is to try and normalise the immune reaction overall. Most importantly, we need to optimise digestion and liver function. Herbs like Chamomile and Dandelion are very useful for this. We also need to normalise and optimise the metabolism and help the elimination of toxins from the body. The herbs in our Conditioning Mix are the ideal combination to achieve this. Other herbs in the mix balance and support the immune system. The Bachflowers in the mix address the emotional side of the disease by improving the energy flow, balancing emotions, creating harmony and creating a feeling of safety. Additionally to the Conditioning Mix we work with strong, natural anti-oxidants, the Maritime Pine Bark Extract. Maritime Pine Bark is a very special herb that protects the body from harmful free radicals. This is especially important when inflammation is present in the body. Maritime Pine Bark positively influences many organ systems. It also has a balancing and strengthening effect on the immune system and supports the vascular system. Liquorice and Elecampane Extract provides a natural cortisone type of action along with essential tissue repair. These herbal formulas combined with an excellent raw food diet will help your dog overcome myositis and to live a normal, happy life."

Nicki Wiedmann Veterinary Herbalist McDowells Herbal

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