Chaste Tree Berries


Botanical name: Vitex agnus-castus

The chasteberry, or chaste tree, is a native of Asia and the Mediterranean region. The plant's ancient association with chastity may be reflected in its name, "chasteberry." It was reputedly employed by mediaeval monks to suppress sexual desire.

Chaste tree has been used to treat premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and issues related to the menstrual cycle, including pain. Berries from chaste trees may aid in progesterone stimulation. This female hormone increases two weeks before the onset of menstruation. It could support progesterone and oestrogen normalisation.

Chaste tree is still frequently utilised today to assist female reproductive health, specifically PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. It is a recognised medication for irregular menstrual cycles, breast discomfort, and other PMS symptoms in Europe. In addition, chaste tree is used to balance hormones and treat acne.

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Vitex agnus-castus Fruit Dried
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