Cancer Chemotherapy Support Program

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Our Cancer Chemotherapy Support Program contains two products to use together:

Chemotherapy Support 100ml

Maritime Pine Bark 100ml

$155 value for $147.95

The role of Chemotherapy is to directly attack and kill the rapidly growing cancer cells using chemical agents. These agents are basically strong poisons and they quickly put a serious strain on the Canine metabolism and immune system as the body tries to break these poisons down and get rid of them. A collapse of aspects of the immunity is the fundamental cause of all cancers and it is important to reverse this as soon as possible to offer the best chance of healing.

One of the best strategies during and after chemotherapy is to rid the body of dead cells and other toxic by-products of this treatment while supporting the return of healthy tissue. While the chemotherapy does its work to destroy the cancer cells, the herbal mixes assist the dogs system by minimising the side effects.

The herbal Chemotherapy Support formulation includes the herbs Chamomile, St Mary's Thistle, Alfalfa, Rosehips, Thuja, Parsley, Fennel, Blue Flag, Ginger and Liquorice and the Bach Flowers; Rescue Remedy, Walnut, Wild Oat, Scleranthus, Honeysuckle and Crab Apple. Maritime Pine Bark extract is used to help animals suffering from a range of illnesses.

Maritime Pine Bark is a natural antioxidant. It is an excellent source of flavonoids and has anti-inflammatory properties that work to protect the body from harmful free radicals. Maritime Pine Bark helps boost the immune system and strengthens blood vessel walls and capillaries. This specialist antioxidant is nearly 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

We believe that the Maritime Pine Bark extract also supports the circulatory system and when used as directed it may help reduced stiffness and soreness in your dog.

Dosage/ how do I use it:

Chemotherapy support- 5 to 10 drops for Tiny and Small Breeds; 10 to 20 drops for Medium and Large breeds twice per day.

Maritime Pine bark- 5 to 10 drops for tiny and small breeds; 10 to 20 drops for medium and large breeds twice per day

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