All of us get muscle aches and pains on a regular basis.

It's the same with our pets.

Rapigel is a muscle pain-relieving gel specially formulated for dogs and horses.

It effectively and immediately begins reducing inflamed and swollen joints and tendons in your canines and equines.

Rapigel works well on sore, over-exerted or bruised muscles.

Rapigel is specially designed not only as a muscle relieving gel but also as a skin cleanser and a mild disinfectant.

It's great for horses, especially before and after training sessions or even during competitions.

With continuous use of Rapigel your canines and equines are on their way to having a happy, tip-top body without the pain.

By simply rubbing Rapigel on the swollen or painful pet bodypart twice daily, it immediately works on relieving the soreness and pain experienced by your horse or dog.

What?s more, Rapigel can be used under wet or dry bandages.

All ingredients are completely safe to use on dogs and horses and will not harm them in any way.

Isopropyl alcohol 350mg/gm, Menthol 20mg/gm, Camphor 6.25mg/gm

Rapigel should be rubbed into the affected area at full strength (not diluted or mixed with anything else)

For External Animal Use Only

McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose you or your companions disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

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