Spinal Stenosis Feline


Lumbosacral stenosis puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal between the lumbar and sacral vertebrae, damaging them.

The condition is rare in cats but can cause pain and lameness in cats that are affected.

The cat's spine is composed of seven cervical vertebrae in the neck, thirteen thoracic vertebrae in the upper back, seven lumbar vertebrae in the lower back and three sacral/coccygeal vertebrae in the pelvis and tail region.

Each of the 30 vertebrae has discs inbetween one another, which absorb shock, hold the spine together and act as a joint in order to help the spine move.

The spinal or vertebral canal is located in the vertebra, protecting the cord from injury. When this vertebral canal narrows, a neurological condition known as lumbosacral stenosis or cauda equina syndrome results.

Horsetail St Johns Wort Elecampane MPB Mugwort Parsley White Willow Devil’s Claw

Dosage 5 drops twice daily with a strong-smelling food such as sardines.

For Animal Oral Use Only

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