Pharmachem Proud-Aid 100g


Proud-Aid is a distinctive formulation to aid in the prevention and treatment of Proud-flesh.

It also aids in the treatment of scratches, wire cuts, mud fever, skin irritations and other skin disorders in horses.

Proud-Aid is a smooth textured paste that is easy to apply and is non irritant to the horse.

It helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound.

Proud-Aid dries rapidly, stays in place and can be used without bandaging.

WHAT IS PROUD FLESH? ( Exuberant Granulation)

The production of exuberant granulation (Proud-flesh) tissue in wounds healing by second intention is a commonly encountered complication in horses and can significantly delay wound healing.

This is especially the case in wounds located in the distal limb.

The horse activates connective tissue structures to a greater extent and earlier than other species.

Dermal fibrosis and collagen deposition is excessive, elevating the wound above the skin surface.

Histologically, granulation tissue (Proud-flesh) is composed of proliferating fibroblasts and endothelial cells in a connective tissue matrix.

Factors which contribute to the development of exuberant granulation tissue (Proud-flesh) include a relatively poor blood supply to the distal limb, local tissue hypoxia, infection, movement and chronic irritation attributable to topical irritants.

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Contains 334g/kg calcium hydroxide, 29g/kg copper sulphate

As required

For External Animal Use Only

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