Botanical name: Filipendula ulmaria

Meadowsweet, a well-liked Elizabethan herb, was traditionally used to reduce pain and fever.

In addition to its long and illustrious therapeutic history, meadowsweet is mentioned in some of the most well-known Mediaeval literary works. The term comes from the fact that it was one of the three herbs that Celtic druids considered to be the most sacred. It was used to flavour mead.

For example, it is used to assist relieve pain and reduce inflammation in cases of arthritic diseases. It functions to preserve the lining of the stomach and intestines because of a mixture of salicylates, tannins, and other ingredients; the salicylates provide the anti-inflammatory effect.

According to historical records, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer synthesised the salicylates present in meadowsweet in 1897. Acetylsalicylate, the new medication, was dubbed Aspirin, a reference to the plant's former botanical name, Spirea ulmaria.

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