Manuka Honey- Biosota 250g

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The best Manuka on the market for dressing wounds. Cath uses it and it works.

'Australia’s Manuka’ ULF 20+ is pure Australian Jellybush Honey. Tested at independent laboratories and guaranteed to be at least 20+ULF this higher rated honey is rich in flavour and one of our finest. High in minerals, antioxidants and bioflavinoids this potent antibacterial honey will help to enhance and protect your body’s own defences. This active honey is a equivalent to 20+ NPA rating and the 800+MGO rating popular in Europe. Helps to heal and reduce the scarring of wounds Numerous studies show honey and Manuka honey (minimum NPA 12+, MGO 350+ mg/kg) especially are good at healing wounds with reduced scarring. Manuka honey is set above other honey due to its naturally occurring MGO content giving this honey additional antibacterial properties compared to other honey. • Honey keeps the wound moist and supple, helping to reduce scaring. • The high sugar content in honey draws moisture from the wound, preventing bacteria growth and encouraging wound healing by drawing out wound toxicants. • The antibacterial properties of honey also sterilise the wound, cleaning and preventing infection reducing healing time and complications that might increase scaring. • Honey is also can assist in removing dead skin from around and within a wound, keeping the wound clean to promote healing. • Due to its antibacterial properties, there is a reduction in the need to take oral antibiotics for wounds as wound infection is prevented. • The MGO in Manuka honey can penetrate bacterial biofilms, targeting bacteria within their protective film.

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Superior levels of activity for wound & oral care MGO LEVEL 800 mg/kg, NPA/ULF 20+ Active jellybush 20 plus 250g jar Soothe sore throats Apply to wound dressings for minor wounds and scratches A teaspoon a day for improved digestion Ease symptoms of fungal or bacterial infections Mix with lemon, garlic, ginger and water to fight colds Highest Potency Active Honey in a Jar

For External Animal Use Only

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