Lymphoma Cancer Support

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This is a solid tumour of a type of white blood cell (lymphocyte) that is involved in immune responses. In addition to being present in the blood, there are accumulations of lymphocytes that occur elsewhere in the body - either in discrete sites (lymph nodes or lymph 'glands') or within other tissues. Because of the wide distribution of lymphocytes in the body, lymphoma (malignant tumour of the cells) can occur at virtually any site and also commonly occurs at multiple sites.

Common sites to be affected include the lymph nodes (distributed throughout the body), the chest cavity, the intestinal tract, the nose, the kidneys and the nervous system. Clinical signs vary according to the tissues that are affected. Both infection with leukaemia virus and immunodeficiency virus can be underlying or predisposing causes of lymphoma development.

Lymphoma in cats is often intestinal and it is therefore hard to find, even with a very careful examination and radiographs.  Lymphoma and Lymphosarcoma is the end result of a systemic and prolonged overload on the lymphatic system, the blood and the immune system in general. 

Bladderwrack, Comfrey, Dandelion, Maritime Pine, Parsley, Rosehips, Violet Leaves, Wormwood, Dr Bach Flowers; Oak, Olive, Pine ,Walnut ,Water Violet ,Wild Oat

Dosage 5 drops twice daily with a strong smelling food such as sardines

For Animal Oral Use Only

McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose you or your companions disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

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