Cancer Kidney Support

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The kidneys are responsible for removing your dog's waste products and transporting them in urine. When the kidneys are not functioning properly they will stop processing waste products, and these products will be dispersed in the dog's body. This often translates into serious complications and a condition known as ''uremic poisoning."

As herbalists and holistic therapists, we are very concerned with kidney function and the subsequent toxicity, and the effects that this has on the health of the animal overall.

Poor diet is usually the most responsible for decrease in kidney function, as well as pre disposition genetically to kidney weakness.   We always recommend a completely raw diet, as described by Dr Ian Billinghurst in his book “The BARF diet”

The herbal support program therefore is aimed at de-toxing the system whilst supporting the health of the kidney itself.

The overall aim of the herbs is to support the kidney function, de-tox the system, and support the highest possible natural healing potential of the individual organism

As with all our herbal support programs, Maritime Pine Bark is also recommended along side the above mix.


There are two types of kidney cancer that may develop in dogs: primary and secondary. A primary cancer is one that directly originates in the kidneys, while a secondary kidney cancer originates somewhere else but metastasizes (spreads) to the kidneys. A specific type of kidney cancer known as renal cystadenocarcinoma is seen in German shepherds.


Dogs affected by kidney cancer may develop the following symptoms: weight loss, loss of appetite, lethargy, increased drinking, increased urination, blood in urine, anemia and an extended abdomen. In the cases of cystadenocarcinomas, dogs develop skin nodules over the head, neck and legs.


Dogs that develop symptoms as described above often undergo the following diagnostic tests once the veterinarian assesses the dog: blood work, urinalysis, abdominal ultrasound, chest X-rays and exploratory surgery.


Prognosis depends on the location of the tumor and the typology. Dogs whose tumors are limited to only one kidney and have not metastasized to other organs generally have a better prognosis.

We have found that dogs on our mixes generally do better in vitality, quality of life and general health. This will naturally assist the prognosis substantially.

Buchu, Elecampane, Corn silk, Dandelion, Golden Seal, Rosehips, Slippery Elm, Violet Leaves, Wormwood, Yarrow, Ethanol, Spring Water, Dr Bach Flowers; Oak, Olive, Mimulus, Water Violet, Walnut, Wild Oat.

5-10 drops for tiny and small breeds; 10-20 drops for medium and large breeds.

For Animal Oral Use Only

McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose you or your companions disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

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