Botanical name: Durvillaea potatorum

King Island Kelp Dried

Dried bull kelp was used by Tasmania's First Nations Aboriginal people to carry food and water. This usage gave rise to the species name, potatorum, which is Latin for "of the drinkers."

One of the most comprehensive natural sources of complex carbohydrates and trace elements is kelp.

In addition to increasing milk production and stress tolerance, kelp can help hydration in intense heat and enhance fertility. Animals' digestive systems are known to be stimulated by kelp, which makes it possible for livestock to absorb more nutrients and become healthier overall as well as more resistant to illnesses and parasites. Since practically all Australian pastures are severely lacking in iodine, kelp is undoubtedly the best natural supply of the mineral.

Comparable types of kelp, often referred to as bladderwrack in traditional herbal medicine, were widely used to cure goitre, an enlargement of the thyroid caused by a deficiency in iodine.

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Durvillaea potatorum King Island Kelp Dried
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