Gall Attack Acute

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The gall bladder stores the bile produced by the liver. If there are small stones, or sludge in the gall bladder, this can cause inflammation and irritation to the gall bladder, and spasm rather than the coordinated and regular contraction. There can also be small stones which can cause irritation to the bile duct. 

This mix is formulated with herbs which are traditionally used to support the gall bladder, helping to normalise the contraction and excretion from the gall bladder, reduce the inflammation and also help to move the congestion from the gall bladder.

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Hydrangea, St. Mary’s Thistle, Agrimony, Golden Seal, Uva Ursi, Black Cohosh, Fenugreek, Dr Bach Flowers: Willow, Rescue Remedy, Vine, Agrimony

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