COPD program (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease )

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Our treatment for this COPD is 2 litres each of Sneeze-a-GG and Breathewell.

Program price $320.00. Single combined price $389.90

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an equine lung disease similar to human asthma.

The clinical signs of COPD are caused by an allergic response to the particles in hay dust It is most often seen in older horses (greater than six years old) that are stabled during the winter months.

COPD is rarely seen in warm, dry climates where horses are kept outside all year.

Horses with COPD may exhibit clinical signs such as "heaving" to push air out of the lungs towards the end of exhalation, coughing, weight loss, and exercise intolerance.

Wheezes may be heard towards the end of exhalation when listening to the airways with a stethoscope. A mucopurulent nasal discharge (composed of mucus and inflammatory cells) may be seen, especially after exercise.

The abdominal muscles of COPD-afflicted horses may hypertrophy (enlarge) and form noticeable "heave lines." Heaves does not appear to be breed or gender related. There is evidence, however, that it may be hereditary.

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Dietry Suggestions.

Speedy Beet ( UK brand) x 2 a day- you can also give rice bran and copra meal for extra protein which may be required at some stage.

Wheaten Chaff and straw hay 24/7 - some times wheaten is high in sugar so please test before feeding out by soaking in water to asses sugar content.

Dark coloured water will tell you that its high in sugars and is best not fed at all or soaked/rinsed before feeding.

Old dry straw that the horses don’t like is often the best way to tell that its low in sugar.

You can feed out TEFF hay .

Lucerne Chaff Rosehips x 2 a day

Ground Millet Meal

Ground Flax seed meal

Rice Bran or Copra meal ( for protein)

Mag- GG With the formulas below

• Breathewell 20mls

• Sneeze- GG 20mls


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