Calcium Stone Herbal Mix

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There are several types of stones that can occur in the kidneys, with the most common being oxalate stones. Oxalate stones form due to high levels of oxalate in the diet which can bind to calcium in the kidneys causing the formation of a stone. A less common type of stone are struvite stones which are associated with frequent or prolonged urinary tract infections. This mix will gently break down both types of stones and deposits, in general, to allow the fine sand resulting to be passed much more easily and the kidneys to return to normal function.  


Additional support for people suffering from kidney stones is to drink 2 cups of both rosehip and dandelion tea per day.

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Pellitory of the Wall, Buchu, Uva Ursi, Rosehips, Dandelion, Golden Seal and Alfalfa along with the Bach Flower Remedies: Vine, Rescue Remedy, Rock Water, Oak and Willow.

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