Pleurisy Infection

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Pleurisy can occur after an infection, as there is inflammation and irritation that is occurring in the pleural cavity surrounding the lungs. The pleura is meant to slide freely over the lungs as they expand and contract during inhalation and exhalation. When we get sick with a respiratory illness, we have a tendency towards small shallow breaths that do not move the lungs much, which allows small adhesions to form between the lungs and the pleura. This adhesion catching is what causes a lot of the pain associated with pleurisy.

This mix contains herbs traditionally used to reduce respiratory infections whilst supporting the healing and reducing the scarring of the lungs, whilst also helping to restore lung function to normal.

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Yarrow, Garlic, Rosehips, Elecampane, Pleurisy Root and Nettle, along with the Bach Flower Remedies:- Pine, Wild Rose and Olive.

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