Headshaking- Allergies



$317 Value for $285 in a program.

This program is for allergies affecting the Trigeminal nerve and includes: Mag-A-GG 3kg, Sneeze-A-GG 1L and Nerve Regen 200ml.

Headshaking is thought to be multifactorial- Trigeminal Nerve inflammation or damage, uveitis and/or allergy.

There is very little research on the subject, One research paper I found is on this link: https://www.dovepress.com/trigeminal-mediated-headshaking-in-horses-prevalence-impact-and-manage-peer-reviewed-article-VMRR In all cases of headshaking inflammation from allergy is a major a factor. Environmental toxins, Vaccine damage to nerves or from trauma, feed allergies , drought dust and general liver health all will play a role.

The Headshaking program is divided into two programs- one where Allergy is the primary factor causing inflammation to the Trigeminal Nerve , and the other where the primary factor may have been trauma affecting the Trigeminal nerve. Each program will last 5-6 weeks .

It is advised that you allow at least a min of 12 weeks treatment time before assessing results. Nerves are the slowest to heal of all the systems in the body .

It is advised that you also :

• Cover your horses eyes with an eye mask to prevent irritation from sunlight if uveitis is present ( this can occur mainly with Allergy as the cause) however trauma can also cause the nerves to be senstive and these horses may also react to strong light.

• If your horse has UVEITIS then he will need an eye wash as well : https://shop.mcdowellsherbal.com/catalog/product/view/id/2937/s/eye-wash-pack/

• Consider diet. If you wish to have a consolation regarding diet please fill out the FREE consultation for here: https://shop.mcdowellsherbal.com/forms/consultation

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