Vitec King Kelp

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Seaweed Based Liquid Soil Conditioner

Vitec Kelp Soil Conditioner, unlocks valuable nutrients from within the soil resulting in healthy plant growth, improved pest resistance and disease tolerance.

The cold processing of the kelp produces a product with unaltered natural nutrients, minerals, alginates, mature growth hormones, and other complex organic nutrients that are rapidly absorbed by actively growing plants.

The immediate benefit obtained from kelp can be attributed to the release of auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

These plant growth hormones, required in small quantities, are essential for cell division and cell elongation, basic functions of plant growth.



NASSA Certified Organic 100% Australian bull Kelp sourced from King Island

Stimulates deeper root growth

Stimulates organic activity & assists with unlocking valuable nutrients from within the soil

Promotes natural resistance to disease & pests Increases drought tolerance

Provides frost tolerance

Better bud/fruit set

Reduces transplant shock

Essential element for compost tea

Increase naturally occurring plant growth hormones

100% Australia bull kelp

Best used as a regular foliar feed, applying every 2-4 weeks during active growth periods as well as post harvest.

For Plants & Soil Only

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