OGS Humic Acid


Humic Acid belongs to a family of molecules called the humates.

This family includes both humic and fulvic acid (the difference being that Humic acid is a longer lasting, less reactive humate that is designed for long lasting action within your soil.).


How does it work?

Due to the high number of functional groups branching off the Humic Acid backbone, molecules like Mg2+, Ca2+, Fe2+ and Fe3+ are able to be chelated (wrapped up) and transported into the plant much easily.

This overall allows the plant more access to the nutrients you have already provided it, increasing the yield, flavor and overall performance of the plant.

Furthermore Humic Acid provides a fantastic substrate for fungal dominate microbes, as well as providing a scaffold for future humic generation via the breakdown of amendments (what makes your soil better over time), as well as promoting an all round healthy microbial biome.


Please note the OGS Humic Acid has several additional benefits.

-It can be used as synergistic amendment to increase the nutrient uptake and benefit of other amendments (such as Kelp, Bokashi, Neem and Oyster Shell Flour).

-It can be integrated into your IPM regiment to attack unwanted insects.

-It can be used to lower the pH of alkaline soil. You can add some to your soil as we strongly recommend.

See Label

We recommend that you use 50-75g / 20 L of Soil

For Plants & Soil Only

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