OGS Bokashi


True gardening requires no synthetic chemicals, only a rich microbial ecosystem, essential minerals, biodynamic compost and water.

When using Bokashi ONE , you'll see firsthand that luscious, mouthwatering plants are a function of microbial diversity and nutrient density.

Use the power of Bokashi ONE to supercharge your soil and increase the taste, terpenes and flavours of your harvests.


What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a form of anaerobic fermentation that produces a specialty fertilizer through which larger yields and healthier plants are achieved via probiotic effects in the soil.

Once you have inoculated your soil, a vast network of beneficial, anaerobic bacteria as well as fungal symbionts will develop, significantly improving your soil's microbial ecosystem.

The breakdown of amendments into forms available to plants is accelerated by the bacteria, while the fungal mycelium will scavenge for nutrients the plant needs in exchange for sugary exudates.

Among the beneficial microbes found in Bokashi are Lactobacillus bacteria which demonstrably increase plant growth, and Streptomyces bacteria that provide immune effects to your soil and plants, warding off invaders.

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