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Insect Frass is the excrement of insects, which is an outstanding organic fertilizer.

Within Insect frass there will be components of exoskeleton / carcass of the insects used to produce it (Meal Worms).

This provides a source of Chitin, a potent immune modulator of the plant which boosts yeilds, resistance to pathogenic viruses, harmful fungi and harmful bacteria.

Its highly speculated that Insect frass stimulates the plant to produce MORE TERPENES and FLAVINOIDS as an immune response to deter pests.

The problem however is that frass generally contains less than 1% chitin, and thus is not an appreciable source.

Thus we are proud to announce that our Frass is unlike others.

When we harvest our frass and allow it to naturally ferment in the presence of complex carbohydrates, which increases the microbial content as well as plant available nutrients. We than add a whooping 10% Chitosan (water soluble / plant available chitin) making our frass unparalleled in its ability to stimulate your plant SAR responce, which is akin to the plants immune system.

Chitin/Chitosan are two of the most potent stimulators of the SAR responce which in turn boosts the plants ability to fight of pest and disease with unparelelled results.

Improve the plant immune system and reduce the chances of mold

Stimulate the plant to produce more terpenes and flavinoids

Improve yield overall

Stimulates improved soil microbial biology with systemic effects for the plant

Allow your plants to fight off pests and disease NATURALLY!

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We recommend people apply Frass each week from the start of flower on wards.

Doses of 5-10g are appropriate during early stages of flower however we strongly recommend that a 10+g during the final four weeks of flower.

We recommend you use a dosage of 5-10g per 20L of soil, as a top dress. ie) 1x 5gallon pot needs 5-10g of frass top-dressed as a general application rate.

For Plants & Soil Only

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