Floradix Gallexier-Appetizer and Digestive Aid 250ml


Bitters For Better Digestion.

Most of us love to eat, but what we dislike is that sluggish feeling and uncomfortable sense of fullness that often comes after a meal. A common tradition in Europe, bitters have been used for centuries to help make the eating experience more enjoyable.

Much of the gastrointestinal discomfort that people experience today was rare among our ancestors. It is actually the bitter taste in the mouth that triggers the optimal functioning of our digestive process. The combination of stimulating herbs and bitter food extracts in Gallexier makes for an effective digestive aid to accompany or round off the main meal of the day.

Bitter Is Better.

Bitters have held an important place in traditional medicine in cultures all over the world. Apart from modern Western society, most cultures still view bitters as a staple for health and longevity. If you experience occasional symptoms of bloating and flatulence, your digestive system probably needs bitters.

Bitters begin their work the moment they touch your tongue. Their bitter nature stimulates the stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas to begin secreting vital digestive components used to assimilate nutrients in the body, such as bile and gastric juices.

Gallexier herbal Bitters consists of artichoke leaves, dandelion, and 10 other herbs known for centuries as beneficial. Gallexier contains no alcohol, artificial additives, or preservatives and is easily absorbed by the body.

Each 20 ml decoction equiv. to dry contains: - Cynara scolymus (Artichoke) leaf 650mg - Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) herb 206mg - Gentiana lutea (Gentian) root 164mg - Curcuma longa (Tumeric) root 118mg - Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) herb 118mg - Zingiber officinale (ginger) rhizome 80mg - Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) flowers 74mg - Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) fruit 74mg - Citrus aurantium (Orange) peel 60mg - Cnicus benedictus (Blessed thistle) herb 37mg - Elettaria cardomomum (Cardamon) fruit 15mg - Menyanthes trifoliata (Bogbean) leaf 15mg

Use the measuring cup provided.
Adults: 20 ml before meals as an appetiser or after meals as a digestive aid.
Children (from 10 years): 10 ml before meals as an appetiser or after meals as a digestive aid.

McDowell's staff Herbalists can not diagnose you or your companions disease or illness. What they can do is offer a herbal program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have unexplained pain or symptoms, seek medical advice.

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