Eco-lure replacement wick


Covers an area of approximately 400m2

Wick lasts for 3 months and should then be replaced

Targets only male Queensland fruit fly so safe for beneficial insects like bees

Insecticide is contained inside the trap and doesn't make contact with plants or fruit

Extremely effective trap for male Queensland fruit fly

OCP eco-lure replacement wick uses pheromones to attract male fruit flies and an insecticide that quickly kills them.

Replace the old wick in the OCP eco-lure male Queensland fruit fly trap every 3 months.

Hang the trap in trees and around plants as a monitoring device to let you know when fruit flies are active in your garden.

When it starts catching male flies begin spraying OCP eco-naturalure fruit fly bait concentrate to protect fruit from egg-laying females.

See pack

See pack

Use as a pesticide

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