OGS Amino Acids

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Amino Acids are the building blocks of all proteins.

Plants are constantly building new proteins to support cellular function, the division of cells as well as general structural growth.

During both vegetative and flowering cycles your plants will benefit greatly from providing additional amino acids for them to utilize.

Our Amino Acids are a form of Microbe Digested fish hydrolysate that is allowed to break down until all available protein is in the form of free amino acids.


Nitrogen Vs Amino Acids?

Its important to remember that not all Nitrogen is Amino Acids, however all amino acids are nitrogen.

What I mean by this is that there are times when your plant may not be giving any visible signs of requiring nitrogen however would still benefit greatly from the addition of amino acids.

In fact many times your plant will show signs of nitrogen toxicity while still actually being able to utilize more amino acids if they were available. The reason for this is that while some percentage of all Nitrogen is amino acids, there are also other forms of nitrogen such as urea, uric acid and ammonia, which exist in most amendments, even if only in trace amounts.

Thus it is crucial to supplement your plants with additional amino acids, especially during peak growth periods as well as to enhance the plants bloom and yield.

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We Recommend you use 30ml / 10L once a week during Late Veg / Early Flower.

We Recommend you use 50ml/10L once a week during Middle / Late Flower.

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